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Jul 10, 2011 1:00pm PDT
created big problems. welcome to "european journal." coming up, desk. rhino thieves target museums in europe. and making healthy babies, a belgian clinic helps parents out. >>> it is a devastating sight in south african national parks, dead rhiceros on their patrols. some 200 have been killed this year of the rhone. it poachers' what the animals for their horns, which are wanted for their money. >> the rhinoceros head is in the store room. the museum director still cannot believe that the thieves ripped off the horn. the white mark is all that remains on the wall. >> two weeks ago, there was the head of a rhino there. when the attendant went to close the museum, she noticed somebody hanging on the head, their arms around the horn. he tore off the horn and ran for the exit, spurring everyone in his way with teargas. -- spraying everyone and his way with tear gas. >> the thieves left by the stairs where he was challenged. outside, his accomplice was waiting in the getaway car. >> an intern tried to stop him and to students got hit by teargas. >> luckily, the police managed to capture
Jul 31, 2011 1:00pm PDT
the parliament palace will soon be getting a big brother. >> people living in the southern italian city of naples are used to living with rotting garbage on their streets. the local mafia has had a stranglehold on garbage collection, running iraq it through their control of landfill sites. naples has a new mayor who has declared war on trash, but beating the mafia where his predecessors have failed. >> in the sweltering heat, innoxious cents hangs over the city of naples. we are driving to the stronghold of the local mafia. it is a maze of concrete tenements, drugs, piles of trash, this is all part and parcel life here. this is the kind of place you need to film discreetly. it is not exactly a tourist attraction and. the new mayor of naples, who enjoys police protection, has now declared war. he knows that his battle against garbage means no less than taking on the mafia. getting in touch with the grassroots ikey. he is visiting neighborhoods to try and get local people on his side to give them hope. >> i want to help the people who volunteer their services in schools and clubs and doing a lot of
Jul 24, 2011 1:00pm PDT
we had a really big problems. domestic sales have tumbled, but we were able to compensate by doing business abroad. for one and a half years, domestic activity has stalled. >> a 48 billion euro austerity package is supposed to kick start the recovery. along with cuts to the public- sector budgets, the berlusconi government wants to boost revenue. they say privatisation will bring in billions of euros. at the same time, various taxes are to be increased. experts warn that will not stop the crisis. >> as a whole, the austerity package has been defined. but whether it will be enough is hard to say. i have the impressions are not taking a focused look at individual measures. instead, they are examining the credibility of the institutions. >> even before the vote in parliament, union members were demonstrating against the austerity measures. the opposition agrees with their position, saying that families and a modest earners will bear the heaviest burden and there are other ways to save. >> for example, we could cut the number of provinces. we spend billions on the bureaucracy. the numb
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3